These re-purposed lamps started out as cast iron Atwater Kent speaker enclosures made in 1927. I completely strip off the old finish, prime and paint them in an array of rich colors. Any original brass parts (medallion, model plaque, ect.) have been kept intact and polished to restore its original lustre. In addition some are outfitted with three cone shaped brass finials on top or bronze grommets mounted on the face of the speaker. Some also feature rhinestones.

They come in three sizes, large (18X15), medium (15×13) and small (14×11). The large and medium are wired with either 30 or 40 watt Edison bulbs (2500-3000 hour life) and the small use small 7.5 watt frosted bulbs. Edison bulbs are available at Lowes, Home Depot or Amazon. The large and medium are outfitted with a dimmer switch mounted on the side. Whereas the small lamps are controlled with a toggle switch.They are finished off with a gold braided cloth power cord and retro style plug. All lamps have a felted bottom to protect any furniture they are placed on.

Prices start at $200 for Small, $300 for Medium and $425 for Large.

Special orders can be placed for Atwater Kent lamps with rotating bulbs. Separate switches control rotation and dimming. Bulbs rotate at 6 rpm. Prices start at $400 for medium size and $600 for large.

Repurposed Speaker